Innovative research at the TCRI

The research focus

Tumor Interaction and Molecular Oncology

Nobody is an island - tumor cells also communicate with their environment and manipulate neighbouring cells to support their growth and dissemination. At the TCRI, we utillize three-dimensional models with different cell types in order to better understand this crosstalk and to develop novel, efficient therapeutics. A main focus is also the development of novel immunotherapeutics which facilitate immune surveillance.

A therapy that specifically kills the respective tumor cells will diminish detrimental side-effects. In order to know, which malignant changes are specific for a person's tumor, we use novel techniques to establish mutation profiles, which will be the basis for personalized therapies.

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The Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute has the goal to develope new cancer therapy concepts and to get them to clinical use. This ambitious achievement underlines the creative optimism wich inspires the whole initiative.