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The working group

Experimental and translational radiooncology

Head: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Ira-Ida Skvortsova

The team around Dr. Ira-Ida Skvortsova is interested in basic research that has direct clinical applicability. The research program is dedicated to understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the sensitivity of cancer cells to radiation therapy. Currently, cancer researchers worldwide support the carcinoma stem cell (CSC) hypothesis. Thus, it is believed that CSCs possess specific molecular properties associated with tumor heterogeneity, therapy resistance and inclination for metastatic spread. Therefore, our team members work on the elucidation of the molecular patterns of CSCs that could help to develop novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets to predict and/or combat the most aggressive and treatment-resistant malignancies. 

Current Projects:

1. Breast cancer stem cell sensitivity to particle beam radiation (Giulia Negro, FWF P29457)

2. Cancer Stem Cell (CSC)-related exosomes and radiation response (Bertram Aschenbrenner, FWF P29457)

3. Targeting cancer stem cells through one drug multi-target approach (microtubule inhibition, vascular disruption and anti-angiogenesis) (ÖAD-WTZ Project funded for 2017-2018)

4. Breast cancer stem cell radiation resistance (Ingrid Shaker-Nessmann Cancer Research Foundation)



The research focus

Molecular Oncology

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