Welcome at the

Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute

Welcome at the TCRI!

The Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute

is a private initiative of the Association for the Promotion of Cancer Research in Tyrol, which was found by em. Prof. Raimund Margreiter and HR Hubert Kuprian. The institution has a distinguished financing, questioning and organization. The establishment of the institute was funded by the Tiroler Landeskrankenanstalten GesmbH and donations from the Tyrolean industry as well as private people all over the country (see sponsors). The running costs are covered again by donations, and by the research groups themselves via national and international grant applications. The mission statement of the TCRI is translational cancer research, directly related to clinical application. Therefore, the main focus of our institute is to establish and maintain enforced teamwork between researchers working in the clinics and those working in the laboratory. Donations to the TKFI are tax deductable.

"Climbers against Cancer" support the TKFI

CAC, an organization founded by John Ellison, donates again to the TKFI!

Climbers and Researchers have more in common as it might seem at the first glance: both we are focused on reaching the top - might it be a mountain or the deciphering of how to kill cancer cells. And thereby we face the same questions: is this the right way? Do I just have to try harder? Or is there a better solution? So we all have to be stubborn and flexible at the same time and we won't give up until we solve it!

This was an excellent event with incredible climbing performances! Thank you so much for supporting us for the second time after 2015 – guys, your choice fuels our motivation!!

For more information on this organization please visit https://www.climbersagainstcancer.org/

Picture at the front: (from left to right) Helmut Knabl (CAC ambassador of Austria), em. Prof. Dr. Raimund Margreiter (TKFI), Julia Pinggera (Ass. Eventadministration, Austria Climbing)

Research focus

Tumorinteraction Microenvironment and Immunology

Research focus

Molecular Oncology


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The Tyrolean Cancer Research Institute has the goal to develope new cancer therapy concepts and to get them to clinical use. This ambitious achievement underlines the creative optimism wich inspires the whole initiative.